Employee Scheduling

Scheduling has never been easier, faster, or more efficient. Say goodbye to scheduling chaos and improve your team’s performance.

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Shift Scheduling

Shift scheduling

Create and share employee shift schedules. Adjust your schedule on the fly from any device. Empower your team with access to up-to-date schedules from anywhere.

Shift templates

Schedule faster with custom shift templates. Automatically set important business, employee, and location information.

Shift Templates
Shift Alerts

Shift alerts

Remind your employees of upcoming shifts automatically. Reduce no-shows and prevent frantic rescheduling headaches.

Available shifts

Manage and fill your unassigned available shifts. Increase shift coverage, maintain healthy staffing levels, and avoid frantic last-minute calls and texts. Make it easy for your team to raise their hand for available shifts.

Available Shifts
Shift Swaps

Shift swaps

Allow employees to offer their shifts to coworkers. Empower your team with the flexibility they want and reduce call-ins and no-shows. Approve or reject swaps before the shift is reassigned.

Schedule alerts

Notify employees of new weekly schedules. Publish your schedule and your team is instantly notified. Keep everyone up to date with work schedules accessible on any device.

Schedule Alerts
Team Availability

Team availability

Avoid scheduling employees outside their availability. Get instant insight into each employee’s availability to schedule smarter. Reduce call-ins and no-shows, and improve employee retention.

Schedule templates

Schedule templates allow you to schedule faster with weekly templates. Save time and avoid creating each new schedule from scratch. Set your weekly schedule once, then reuse that template over and over.

Schedule Templates

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