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Employee scheduling

Shift scheduling

Create and share employee schedules

Shift templates

Schedule faster with custom templates

Shift alerts

Remind employees of upcoming shifts

Schedule alerts

Notify employees of new weekly schedules

Shift offers

Allow employees to offer shifts to coworkers

Available shifts

Manage and fill unassigned shifts

Shift swaps

Approve or reject employee shift swaps


Avoid scheduling employees outside of their availability

Time tracking

Time clock

Clock in and out of work with any device


Track hours worked for all employees

Early start prevention

Prevent employees from clocking in too early

Auto clock-out

Automatically clock employees out at the end of the shift

Attendance tracking

Time off

Manage requests for paid and unpaid time off


Track when employees miss a shift


Track when employees call in sick


Track when employees arrive late

Workforce management

Employee profiles

Manage employee records and attach important documents

Labor costs

Report and monitor total labor costs


Stay on budget when setting employee schedules

Overtime tracking

Report and prevent excessive overtime costs

Our commitment to fair pricing

Unlimited users

No "per user" pricing

Unlimited locations

No "per location" pricing

Unlimited scheduling

No "10-day" scheduling limit


Frequently asked questions

What platforms does Shift Amp work on?

Shift Amp works on all devices. We work in your internet browser and don't require you or your employees to download a new app. All features are available regardless of the device you use to log in. 

How long does Shift Amp take to set up?

Getting started is easy and only takes a few minutes. First, you create a new account and verify your email address. Next, you share basic information about your team, like location and job titles. And that's it! Better employee scheduling is just a few minutes away. 

How much does Shift Amp cost?

Shift Amp is just $10 per month.

How do my employees join Shift Amp?

You can invite your employees to your team whenever you like from your Shift Amp account. All you need is their email address. 

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