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Business Management

Creating a Dress Code Policy (+ Free Examples!)

Learn how small business dress codes vary by industry and tips for creating appropriate attire policies for small businesses, retail, healthcare, and...

Business Management

Free Small Business Employee Handbook

Get a free example, and about the essential elements of an employee handbook for your small business. Learn how to create an effective guide for your...

Employee Scheduling

How to Calculate Double Time Pay

Quickly learn the essentials of double-time pay, how to calculate it, and how it compares to overtime pay to ensure fair compensation and compliance.


Reasons to Leave Work Early

Learn the best reasons to leave work early and how to balance job duties with personal needs while maintaining a positive work relationship.

Employee Scheduling

Quick Comparison: When I Work vs. Connecteam

The ultimate comparison of When I Work vs. Connecteam for your small businesses: scheduling, tracking, and engagement solutions analyzed.

Employee Scheduling

Quick Comparison: When I Work vs. Sling

Discover the best workforce management tool for your business with our in-depth comparison of When I Work vs. Sling, written for small business...

Employee Scheduling

Quick Comparison: Connecteam vs Deputy

Connecteam vs. Deputy: Use our guide to determine which can streamline your business employee scheduling with insights on features, pricing, and...

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